20,000 Leagues Into My Brain

How long can you hold your breath?


Seriously people, I ‘aint here no more.

Come and see me at http://tonyzilla.blogspot.com and that’s an order!


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Now posting at blogger

Ok, you can now find me at the following:


You would not believe how many names I tried before I came up with one still available.

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Fun week!

We I have just about had it with wordpress.  It is so much easier to keep up with other’s blogs on blogger that I am very close to pulling up stumps and shifting over there.  I have created an account the only problem being that Nautilus and Nautilis are taken so I had to make it tonyzilla.  I tried BigT, Tasauraus, Tzilla and they were all taken.

I’ve had a bit of a hell week this week.  It started Monday, first day back from holidays and our Sydney site containing the computer room had had a power failure over the weekend and the generator had failed to kick in.  My Sydney I.T. collegue that looks after our servers and networks was on holidays so I had to try and get everything up and running remotely.

I got home Monday night to find both my wife and Sophasaurus had picked up my cold and so I had to pitch in and do what I could to help our there.

Tuesday, still having internet issues after the power failure.  I rang a consultant we use for some help and he was at home having recently had his appendix out.   We thought we fixed the problem, but we were wrong.  So then I rang our Sydney I.T. guy that is on holidays.  Thankfully he answered but then said he would have to ring back in about half an hour as he was about to get on a jet ski.

Anyway, long story short the problem turned out to be a dns issue that our ISP was having on one specific line.  Impossible to diagnose remotely as I really needed to plug directly into the modem to eliminate routers and proxys.  I ended up getting the Sydney I.T. guy to come in Wednesday and Thursday to find the problem, implement a work around and then restore the old settings once the ISP fixed their issue.  Poor bastard.

I think I will have a couple of beers and a scotch or two tonight!

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Can I go back on holidays again now?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

I have been on holidays up until today and with the JS crash I decided to have a break from reading and writing blogs.

I started back at work today and thought I would have a quick check of what is happening and find that JS is dead.  Relying on RAID, really not all that clever.

Anyway, I am not all that happy with the way wordpress works and am considering jumping to either blogspot or as BBA has recommended it blogger.

It is getting damn hard to keep up with everyone now that we are spread all over the place, so I need to get myself sorted.

Anyway got to go, had a power failure in our Sydney computer room and the generator failed, plus our virus scanner seems to be giving weird false positives.  Ahhh, it’s great to be back.

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Tropic Thunder

Got Tropic Thunder out on DVD last weekend.

I was hoping for a good film but expect to be disappointed.

I have a saying “pessimists are never disappointed and occasionally pleasantly surprised”.

Well I was pleasantly surprised.

It was quite funny.  Way over the top at times but not chasing a joke, for the most part it worked well.

The cast all worked well particularly Robert Downey Jnr and Jack Black.  Most of you will have been told to watch out for Tom Cruise’s cameo, well they are spot on it is close to the best work he has ever done!

If you get a chance see it and try not to get annoyed by Ben Stiller carrying an M4 when he is supposed to be making a film set during the Vietnam war.  Mind you it is a film inside a film so it could be a clever way of showing how incompetent the guys making the movie are.

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Hello world!

Well this is my potentialy temporary home while JS is down.  Don’t know if I will stay here or not, it will probably depend on what everyone else does.

Here is my favourite christmas song for you all, Fairy tale of New York by the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.

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